Keach’s Publications

1664 The Child’s Instructor, A New Easie Primmer.

1666 Sion in Distress; or, the Groans of the Protestant Church. London: Printed by George Larkin, for Enoch Prosser.

1670 A Pillar set up, to Iepein Remembrance his first dear and beloved wife.

1674 War with the Devil: or, The young man’s conflict with the powers of darkness. London: Printed for Benjamin Harris, near the Royal Exchange.

1674 The Glorious Lover; a poem. London: Printed D. for C. Hussey, 1679.

1674 Mr. Baxter’s Arguments for Believers Baptism.

1674 The Grand Imposter discovered; or the Quaker’s Doctrine weighed in the Balance, and found wanting.

1675 Darkness Vanquished: Being an answer to Danvers on laying on of hands.

1676 A Summons to the Grave: Being Mr. John Norcot’ s Funeral Sermon. London: B. Harris.

1676 A preface recommendatory to Mr. Balmford’s poem; entitled, The Seaman’s Spiritual companion, 1678.

1682 Tropologia; A Key to open Scripture Metaphors. London: Printed by J. R. and J. D. for Enoch Prosser.

1684 The Travels of True Godliness.

1685 The Progress of Sin; or the Travels of Ungodliness. London: J. Donton, 1684.

1685 The Victorious Christian, or, the Triumph of Faith. Being Prison Meditations.

1689 Distressed Sion relieved. London: Printed for Nath. Crouch at the Bell in the Poultrey near Cheapside.

1689 Gold Refined; or, Baptism in its primitive Purity. London: Printed for the author, and are to be sold by Nath. Crouch, at the sign of the Bell in the Poultrey.

1689 The Gospel Minister’s Maintenance vindicated.

1689 Anti-christ stormed; or, the Popish Church proved to be Mystery Babylon. London: Printed for Nath. Crouch.

1691 The Counterfeit Christian; or, the Danger of Hypocrisy. London: Printed and sold by John Pike, and by the author at his home near Horsley-down in Southwark.

1691 Paedo-baptism disproved; being an Answer to the Athenian Society. London: Printed for the author, and sold by J. Harris.

1691 Breach repaired in God’s Worship; or, Singing of Psalms proved to be an Ordinance of Jesus Christ. London: Printed for the author, and sold by Hancock, and by the author.

1691 A sober Reply to Mr. Steed’s Epistle concerning Singing.

1691 Spiritual Melody, Containing Near Three Hundred Sacred Hymns. London: printed for John Hancock, in Castle-Alley, near the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill

1692 The Rector rectified; or, Infant’s Baptism unlawful: Being an Answer to Mr. Burkitt. London: Printed and sold by John Harris.

1692 The Banquetting-House, or, A feast of Fat Things a Divine poem, Opening Many Sacred Scripture Mysteries. London : Printed by J.A. for H. Barnard

1692 The Marrow of Justification; or, Justification without works. The substance of two sermons on Rom. 4:5. London: Printed for Dorman Newman, at the King’s Arms in the Poultrey.

1693 The everlasting Covenant: a Funeral Sermon for Mr. Henry Forty. London: Printed for H. Bernard at the Bible in the Poultrey.

1693 The Axe laid to the Root; or one Blow more at the Foundation of Infants Baptism, and Church Membership. Part I. London: Printed for the author, and are to be sold by J. Harris.

1693 The Axe Laid to the Root; wherein Mr. Flavel’s, Mr. Rothwell’s, and Mr. Exell’s Arguments are answered. Part II. London: Printed for the author, and are to be sold by J. Harris.

1694 A counter Antidote; or an Answer to Shute’s Antidote, to prevent the Prevalency of Anabaptism. London: Printed for H. Bernard, at the Bible in the Poultrey.

1694 A Trumpet blown in Zion. London

1694 A Golden Mine opened; or, the Glory of God’s rich Grace displayed. London: Printed and sold by the author.

1695 God acknowledged; a Fast Sermon. Philadelphia: Printed and sold by B. Franklin, at the New Printing-office near the market, 1738.

1696 A Feast of Fat Things; containing several Scripture Songs and Hymns. Printed by B. H.

1696 Light broke forth in Wales. London: Printed, and sold by William Marshall at the Bible in Newgatestreet.

1697 The Early Seeker, and Love of a Dying Savior.

1697 The Glory of a True Church. London

1697 The Articles of Faith of the Church at Horsleydown. London

1698 The Display of glorious Grace; or the Covenant of Peace opened. London: Printed by S. Bridge, and sold by Will. Marshall.

1698 A medium betwixt two Extremes. London: Printed for Andrew Bell, at the Cross-Keys and Bible in Cornhill.

1698 Jacob’s Ladder improved (Christ alone the way to heaven;. London: Printed and sold by B. Harris,

1689 Laying on of Hands Upon Baptized Believers, London: Printed, are to be sold by Benj. Harris

1699 A Call to Weeping; or, a Warning touching approaching Miseries.

1699 A preface to Mr. Robert Prudom’s Truth unveiled by scripture light, 1699.

1700 Instruction for Children. Printed and sold by Will. Bradford at the Bible in New York, 1695.

1700 Spiritual Songs, Being the Marrow of the Scripture. Printed for John Marshall at the Bible in Grace-churchstreet.

1700 The Jewish Sabbath abrogated. London: Printed and sold by John Marshall at the Bible in Grace-churchstreet.

1702 The French Imposter detected; or, an Answer to Zachery Housel, and Dr. Coward, who denied the Soul’s Immortality. London: n.p.

1704 Gospel Mysteries unveiled; or, an Exposition of all the Parables. London: n.p.

1704 A preface to Mr. Robert Prudom’s new world discovered in which Mr. Keach declares his opinion of the Millennium, 1704.

1704 An Introduction to Mr. Coleman’s narrative of a schism made in the church at Kilbey in Leicestershire

1693/1742 Keach’s Catechism or The Baptist Catechism. American Baptist Publication Society (1851 ed)

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