Grace in Justification

To Keach not only was Justification an act of God's doing, but it was an act of his grace. Grace brought deliverance and deliverance brought justification. For Keach this order could not be changed or re-worked as God first enacted his grace in saving a perishing world/people. Justification was grace's greatest gift. ".... the lost... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Heretics and Blasphemers- Keach

For Keach there were two things which rendered a Man an Heretick: 1. An Error in matters of Faith, Fundamental or Essential to Salvation. 2. A Stubbornness in continuing to hold to such a thought after it has been disproved. After believers work to convince the heretic of their abominable Error; and they remain obstinate,... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of Benjamin Keach- His Marriages

"Mr. Keach had been twice married. His first wife was a Miss Jane Grove, of Winslow, in Buckinghamshire, "a woman of great piety and prudence," to which might have been added, great affection and fortitude, which she manifested when her husband was set in the pillory, by standing by him and defending the cause for... Continue Reading →

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