Reading the Bible Christocentrically According to Keach

Reading the Bible Christocentrically is no new modern construct of the church. Seeing Christ through the Scriptures – the metaphors and imagery specifically- was Keach’s forte. In his: Preaching from the Types and Metaphors of the Bible, Keach explains at great length the beauty of seeing Christ at work throughout the Bible .

Overview of this work:

No preacher will be short of arrestive messages if he lives in The Metaphors and in The Parables, Benjamin Keach gave to the world so long ago, and weaves into his personal treatment of any of them the addition of facts and features more recently discovered on some of the natural objects dealt with in these monumental homiletiacal works. In the original Preface of his luminous volume on Metaphors, Benjamin Keach quotes Augustine as saying that the Scripture seemed rude, and unpolished to him, in comparison with Cicero’s adorned style, because he did not understand their inward beauty. But once his mind was illuminated to understand the Scriptures then no writing appeared so wise or even eloquent. In a most remarkable way, Keach understood the inward beauty of Bible Symbols and expounded them in a most unique way. To all Pastors who decide to take their people through the Metaphors of the Bible with the aid of dear old Benjamin Keach, we can promise them happy and effective preaching. One man is quoted saying “Read all the prophetic books without seeing Christ in them, and what will you find so insipid and flat? See Christ there, and what you read becomes fragrant.” Is this not the experience of all who endeavor to rightly divide the Word of Truth?

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