Advent is Upon Us

In 1696 published the hymnbook A Feast of Fat Things Full of Marrow (London: printed by Benjamin Harris, 1696). This work was formatted in two parts. First, Keach included eleven songs which he had taken from both the Old and New Testaments. These were songs of Moses, Zechariah, Isaiah, Simon, Hannah, and Mary. The second section comprised of 100 hymns. These hymns paralleled a... Continue Reading →

Keach on Pain and Suffering

On October 9, 1664, Benjamin Keach appeared before Lord Chief Justice Hyde. As a dissenting minister, Keach's crime was found to be his teaching -via publication- which was contrary to the Church of England. In his recently published book, one meant for the instruction of children; Keach revealed several points of doctrine which did not... Continue Reading →

A Challenge to Modern Hymn-Writers

Keach strongly believed that the lyrical content of a hymn should be theologically sound. Meaning that the words being sung had to contain biblical principles, thoughts, and teachings. While Keach never claimed that his hymns were inspired as the Davidic Psalms were, he believed that they worked in instructing those who sang them and committed... Continue Reading →

O Lord, ’tis matter of high praise, Thy Word on us doth shine, But happy they who feel its rays, And glorious power divine.   O let poor sinners feel their sin Prick them, as with a sword; And purge out all that filth within; So will we praise Thy Word.   Enlightened souls have... Continue Reading →

Keach’s Christmas Hymn

"Awake, my soul, awake, my tongue, My glory wake and sing, And celebrate the holy birth, The birth of Israel’s King!   O happy night that brought forth light, Which makes the blind to see, The Dayspring from on high came down To cheer and visit thee.   The careful shepherds with their flocks Were... Continue Reading →

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