Keach’s Christmas Hymn

“Awake, my soul, awake, my tongue,

My glory wake and sing,

And celebrate the holy birth,

The birth of Israel’s King!


O happy night that brought forth light,

Which makes the blind to see,

The Dayspring from on high came down

To cheer and visit thee.


The careful shepherds with their flocks

Were watching for the morn,

But better news from Heav’n was brought;

Your Savior now is born!


In Bethlehem the Infant lies,

Within a place obscure,

Your Savior’s come, O sing God’s praise!

O sing His praise fore’er”.


This Christmas hymn is one of Keach’s most enduring hymns as it was published most recently in a Baptist hymnal in 1975.


Found in Keach’s original text:

Spiritual Songs: Being the Marrow of the Scripture (London: John Marshal, 1700)



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