Keach on the Church

  "A church of Christ, according to the Gospel-Institution, is a Congregation of Godly Christian, who as a Stated-Assembly (being first baptized upon the profession of Faith) do by mutual agreement and consent give themselves unto the Lord, and one to another, according to the Will of God; and do ordinarily meet together in one... Continue Reading →

Keach on the New Covenant

  It is a Full Covenant; because in it there is the Mediators Fullness Communicated to all such that are united to him as the effects thereof, ’tis not a Creature-Fullness that is in Christ; no, but the Fullness of God: For it pleased the Father that in him all Fullness should dwell; — in... Continue Reading →

Keach in the Pillory

On October 9, 1664, Benjamin Keach appeared before Lord Chief Justice Hyde. A Baptist minister, Benjamin's crime was to publish a book of instruction for children; its doctrine did not conform to the teachings of the Church of England. Although not a single copy exists today, from Benjamin's forty other publications, it is safe to... Continue Reading →

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