Ejected from the Pulpit and Subjected to Pain

Ejected from the Pulpit and Subjected to Pain:  Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) and Dissenting Ministers in Seventeenth-Century England Written by: Matthew Stanton As our title suggests, there were many dissenting ministers in seventeenth-century England who were ejected from their pulpit and subjected to persecution as exemplified by Benjamin Keach. This paper, whilst noting some of the... Continue Reading →

Keach’s Baptismal Record 1639

Keach's Baptismal Record Special thanks to the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies for allowing the use of this scan (PR 195/1/1) and Austin Walker for forwarding it on to the Journal. Keach's Baptismal Record (Cited) Below is a scan of the records which has highlighted (courtesy of Austin Walker) in two parts. The first is the account of Keach's brother,... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of Benjamin Keach- His Marriages

"Mr. Keach had been twice married. His first wife was a Miss Jane Grove, of Winslow, in Buckinghamshire, "a woman of great piety and prudence," to which might have been added, great affection and fortitude, which she manifested when her husband was set in the pillory, by standing by him and defending the cause for... Continue Reading →

Keach in the Pillory

On October 9, 1664, Benjamin Keach appeared before Lord Chief Justice Hyde. A Baptist minister, Benjamin's crime was to publish a book of instruction for children; its doctrine did not conform to the teachings of the Church of England. Although not a single copy exists today, from Benjamin's forty other publications, it is safe to... Continue Reading →

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