The Wicked Are Undone

“Wicked men are undone by reckoning wrong; they do not keep their accounts well; they put the evil day far off; they measure their days not by the king’s standard, or by just rules and measures. Perhaps they reckon by their present health, their present strength, or by the lives of their progenitors. Their father and mother lived to a great age, and so they measure their days accordingly, and conclude they shall live long. But none of these rules are allowed, they are false measures of our days. God sends us to the morning dew, the weaver’s shuttle, to the shadow, the vapour, a swift post, and to the flower of the field, that today is, and tomorrow is burned in the oven.”

Benjamin Keach, Expositions of the Parables (Series One) (Kregel, 1991), 274.

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